Ashford (Kent) Rugby Club Ltd - Privacy Statement and GDPR

The website is principally for the promotion and sale of tickets for fundraising events organised by Ashford (Kent) Rugby Club Ltd. The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) became law on 25th May 2018. This privacy statement sets out how we believe the use of web analytics and the collection of other marketing and personal data via cookies, email, ticketing and payment systems is GDPR compliant. Ashford Rugby Club reserves the right to amend its fundraising and marketing policies and will amend this privacy statement accordingly.

The secure hosting for the website is provided on behalf of the club by Simply Clicks Online Ltd, operating from 2 New Rents, Ashford, Kent TN23 1JH.

The ticketing system for the Annual Fireworks Display is managed by Yapsody Inc based in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA.

The secure payment system for the Annual Fireworks Display is managed by Stripe Payments Europe Ltd., a company incorporated in Ireland with offices at 1 Grand Canal Street Lower, Grand Canal Dock, Dublin.

Simply Clicks collects data as follows: Simply Clicks acts as unpaid advisors to Ashford Rugby Club. Website visitors are tracked using two of the leading proprietary web analytics packages. These are Statcounter and Google Analytics. Both packages operate by inserting a cookie onto your web browser the first time you visit the website. This data is collected in order to understand how people use the website and how the website’s performance can be improved. Simply Clicks regard this activity as compliant under the General Data Protection Regulation - GDPR - as based on our Legitimate Interests Assessment. Both of these analytics tools are cloud-based. The storage and security of the information generated is largely the responsibility of Google and Statcounter. Simply Clicks also use other cloud-based tools to store and process data. Such as services provided by Microsoft and Yahoo. Some of these cloud-based systems may be physically located outside of the EU. We can only assume that their methods and controls are GDPR compliant. Please click here: to see details of Simply Clicks’ own privacy policy and GDPR compliance.

Yapsody collects data as follows: Ashford Rugby Club manages ticketing and collects ticketing data via the Yapsody system. This collects the name and address, email address and phone number of each person that is responsible for ticket purchases. This data is used to ensure we match purchasers via electronic or paper means with those seeking entry to our events. This data is not used for marketing purposes beyond the promotion of the specific event that the ticket purchase refers to. Yapsody stores and processes data outside the EU in the USA and other places. They, therefore, operate under special provisions of the GDPR. Please click here: to see details of Yapsody’s own privacy policy and GDPR Compliance.

Stripe collects data as follows: Stripe principally collects data in order to maintain a record of all transactions and to ensure that this is carried out in a safe and secure environment. Stripe may also collect data for other purposes beyond the direct control of Ashford Rugby Club. Please click here: to see details of Stripe’s own privacy policy and GDPR compliance.